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Топик о Вильяме Шекспире.

ШекспирWilliam Shakespeare, the greatest English poet and dramatist, was born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, in England.

Not much is known of Shakespear's farther, John Shakespear. He was a man of some importance in Stratford. He was of the town officers and a dealer in corn, meat, leather and other products of the farm.

The poet's mother, Mary Arden, was one of the eight daughters of Robert Arden, a right farmer in the willage of Wilmcotte, where the Arden farmstead may still be seen.

William Shakespeare was born here in a small room. He was the eldest son and third child of William, especially about his early years. At the age of seven William was sent to Stratford grammar school. where he studied for six years.

In 1577 a change came over his farther's fortunes. John Shakespear fell into debt and had to sell the larger part of his property. William was taken from the school and for some time had to help his farther in the trade. He never went to school again.

Just what he did between his fourteenth and eighteenth year is not known. We know nothing about these five years of his life.

When still at Startford , Shakespear became well acquainted with theatrical performances. Stratford was often visited by travelling companies of players. Shakespeare may have also seen miracle plays in the neighbouring town of Coventry.

In 1582, when liitle more than eighteen, William married Ann Hathaway, a daughter of Richard Hathaway who belonged to a well-respected yeoman family. Ann was eight years older than her husband and it is said that the marriage was not a happy one. In 1583 their daughter Susanna was born and and in 1585 their twins named Hamnet and Judith were born.

When William was about twenty-one, he left for London, where he had to go through many difficulties. Probably the first work he did there was at one of the two teachers that there were in London at that time. Then he became an actor and soon began to write plays for the companiy of actors to which he belonged. Very many of his plays were acted in a London theatre called "The Glob".

There is a story that when Shakespeare reached London he went straight to the theater, determined to get work of some sort there, and that finding nothing better to do, he began by holding the horses of the fine gentelmen who came to see the plays. It is said that a little later he was employed to call out the names of the actors and the pieces, and after a time was given a small part to act. But he soon showed that he can make himself more in changing old plays which he actors in hand, he made into something different and far better. Then he began to write plays himself.

Shakespeare wrote 37 plays altltogether. He is also known as the author of twopoems and 154 sonnets.